[A-Nest] 森のオークと女騎士 ~なめらかタイツ風味、くっころ仕立て~

Description of Gameplay:
This game is built with Unity Engine 3D but it is a fighter game in a tradicional 2D fighting environment (think left, right and Jump). Help Ziska defeat the Orc she encountered by using your shield to defend yourself or to strike the orc with a bash. You can also use your sword or just give him a good kick!

During Combat, Ziska can get hit, stunned or grabbed. H-attacks are initiated when the Orc grabs you. Use Combat buttons to free yourself from the H-attack. Ziska will lose if her HP is depleted or if her Pleasure Bar maxes out.

The game allow for a few customization during the H scene – you can change the girl boobs size, make her armor’s appearance go from shiny new to half broken (and you can remove separately each and every piece of armor from the character), and you can chose the look of her skin tight clothes – new, ripped, badly ripped, removed you can also move the cam.

(Thanks to Bryanis for this information)

A & Left arrow: left;
D & Right Arrow: Right
Z & Left Click: Sword Swing
X & Right Click: Shield
Shield + Sword Swing = Shield Bash
Space: Next

You the Player, play the role of Ziska, the Lady Night!~ So, Ziska got lost in the forest one day and encountered an Orc, he had a runny nose? And a clubbed weapon… Because of this combat ensued.

Fetishes & Tags:
Fighting, Armor Breaking, Clothing Breaking, Battle Molestation, ROL, Female Knight, Male Orc,

Review: The game ran good… Once. After that, text dialogs would no longer appear in text bubbles and stories in the cut scenes could no longer progress since clicking did nothing. The controls have slight response issues sporadically and if you shift too much you could A) Make the Camera fall of the map. B) Really deform the character models. or C) Get behind the Orc after you make him float in the air making the game effectively broken and very hard to win from that point forward (since Ziska and the Orc apparently never went to “turn around” school) Changing the Orc transparency in the action menu on the right bugs out the options locking them in place until you exit the scene. All these issues make me thing that the game wasn’t tested prior to release, yet no other comments on DLsite complain of issues… Is it just me?

Game can be found with Cats and that Alternate Sharing Site for testing purposes.

If you do manage to test it out, could you please let me know if cut scene progression issues happen to you as well? I can’t even replay scenes in the gallery cause nothing is able to progress I have to spam ESC and then the menu opens up allowing me to change the animation cycle, but the text bubble stays in place with no text in it. Please also include action steps taken, if any, to correct the issues.

Have fun raging with this gem xD (it’s like a love hate relationship that we have as I hope that one day the scenes will play out and I will be able to see the ending when Ziska wins)

Edited: for even more complacent requirements! =D



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